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Henshaw Short Story Competition
    Henshaw Short Story Competition

About Us.


We are a small group of writers, editors, lecturers and of course readers who wish to actively support creative writing. We run quarterly competitions throughout the year with closing dates at the end of March, June, September and December. 


Our aim is to encourage as wide a range of writing as possible and competitions are  open for any subject and any style.
The competitions are non profit making for us, profits, from September 2019 onwards, will be given to ‘Medecins sans Frontiers’.


It is our intention to produce books of the prize winning stories. Four:  Henshaw Treats, Henshaw Two, Three andFour have already been published. Work has now begun on Henshaw Five, which is planned for publication in late 2023


To find out more about us you can contact us by e-mail at editor@henshawpress.co.uk

Or telephone Graham Jennings at 01604 407934

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