Henshaw Short Story Competition
    Henshaw Short Story Competition






December 2019 Competition Long List, Short List and Winners will be Published on this page before the end of January.






                               December 2019 Long List


                                  Sam Szanto of Twickenham for Don’t Refuse Me

                         John Bunting of Godstone for Blue Plates and Red Funnels

                                       Ann Wardell of Long Buckby for Trust

                            Dombhnall O’Sullivan of Switzerland for Porter’s Rock

                              David Vernon of Australia for Portholes in My Coffin

                                    Alison Bradley of Birmingham for Firsts Only

                                 Kevin Chant of Worcester for Traveller’s Checks

                                        Belinda Weir of Lancaster for Stuffed

                           Steven Holding of Northampton for Sea, Swallow Me

                                         Alex Dawes of London for Priest Hole

                                       Alex Dawes of London for Yellow Jacket











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