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Henshaw Four Anthology


Henshaw Four Anthology


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Below is a list of the stories in the anthology. Some of the authors

have written short biographies, these follow the list of contents.


              Anthology Four Contents




My Name is Verity                                             Hazel Whitehead    

Ayesha                                                                 Phil Parker                   

Windmills of her Mind                                       Linda Muller               

Taking Control                                                    Moya Poole                

Blue Plates and Red Funnels                              John Bunting              

Sea, Swallow Me                                                  Steven Holding     

A Bunch of Blue Ribbons                                   Christine Kelly      

A Plague Story                                                     Mark deMeza        

Personal Injury                                                    Jan Steer                      

Who’s the Bastard Now?                                    Tony Oswick         

First Date                                                              Helen Lawrence    

Duck Eggs                                                             Mark O’Reilly       

Braecastle                                                              Anthea Middleton    

Amusia                                                                  Phil Cummins       

Shy Persons Anonymous                                     Andrew Ball          

Limbic Street                                                        Jimmy Webb              

Crocodiles                                                             Janeen Samuel              

Diamond Life                                                        Dianne Bown-Wilson  

About Time                                                           Gordon Aindow           

Christmas Delivery                                              Richard Smith              

Taste the Darkness                                               Jonathan Bayliss          

Splashing Angels                                                  Don Horne                   

Breathe                                                                  Shannon Savvas           

Little Victory                                                        Victoria McKay           

The Letterbox                                                       Trudie Thomas             

Cafe Reunion                                                        Kate Ashmore              

The Fixer                                                              Malcolm Allen              

Family Matters                                                     Tony Oswick               

Child’s Play                                                           Denny Jace       










Author Biographies





Malcolm Allen


In former lives Malcolm trained in genetics and lectured in IT; he now works in software, and is passionate about writing. Although he began fiction writing and editing as an undergraduate at university, where he was an editor and contributor to the science fiction society magazine, he only re-started writing about five years ago after a lengthy hiatus. He and his best friend since primary school share an interest in writing and have formed a writers' group; it is only them but they assume that two can constitute a group. Meetings are sometimes centered more around drinking coffee and setting right world problems than on critiquing their written work. Malcolm has recently focused on writing short stories, mostly not SF, and has begun a novel, which is SF and proving to be lots more work, and much more difficult, than he ever anticipated. He lives in Auckland, New Zealand, with his wife and two sons, four backyard chickens, and three rescue-parrots.





Kate Ashmore 


Kate is a writer living in Cambridgeshire, often found in the kitchen covered in flour or lost in the local bookshop. She has a degree in Creative Writing and particularly enjoys writing short stories. She blogs at www.abellyfullofwords.co.uk





Dianne Bown-Wilson


Dianne was born in England, grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Dartmoor National Park.  She has a PhD in Organizational Behaviour but is happy to have left full-time employment behind.

She is primarily interested in character-led fiction and writes short stories and flash fiction exploring the rich diversity of human life. Her work has either won prizes or been placed in numerous competitions including the Fish Prize, Leicester Writes, The Momaya Annual Review, Writing Magazine, Writers Forum, Henshaw, the Bedford International Writing Competition, the HG Wells Prize, The Fresher Prize,  Flash 500, and the Yeovil Prize. She is a member of Exeter Writers and has been placed in the Exeter Literary Festival short story competition for the past three years.

A collection of thirty-two of her successful stories, Instructions for Living and Other Stories was published in 2016 and a second collection Degrees of Exposure is due to be published in December 2021. She is currently working on her first novel.



Mark deMeza


Mark was born and bred in the North West of England. He loves to write short stories. How to tell a tale and bring realistic characters to life with a modicum of words is a great and stimulating challenge. Exploring people and  how they  interact with one another is an endless source of interest and words. He writes whenever he can, all mashed up with full time work and family life. He is  fortunate enough that his  stories have found success with the Henshaw Press, Writing Magazine, Writers’ Forum, Scribble magazine, Cranked Anvil, the Yeovil Literary Prize and the Mechanic’s Institute.  Having been published in the Henshaw anthology, he is now looking to produce his own short story anthology.



Denny Jace


Denny Jace has been writing Flash Fiction since June 2019 and has just started work on her first novel. She lives in Shropshire and spends most of her days reading her stories to Maude and Stanley, her two faithful dogs. Her stories have placed in Retreat West, Lightbox Originals, Earlyworks Press, Cranked Anvil, Grindstone Literary, Writers Bureau, Bath Flash Fiction, HISSAC. Published in Ellipsis Zine, Capsule Stories, Mum Life Stories and Cabinet of Heed.

 Twitter @dennyjace



 Victoria McKay


On a good day you'll find Victoria McKay elbow deep in cake batter making a delightfully tasty  afternoon treat with her young daughter and lovely partner. She will radiate happiness and not even the neighbours cat pooing all over the lawn will bring her down. 

On a bad day, you might finding her doing much the same, except her dimpled grin would be turned downward and there'd be significantly more chocolate in the cake batter. 

She isn't new to the writing game and is hoping that there's more in her noggin to impress. Hopefully inspiration can be found around every corner of her gloriously hectic and entirely normal life. 



Richard Smith


Richard lives in Newcastle-under-Lyme, and recently completed his MA in Creative Writing at Keele University. He enjoyed it so much, that he has now begun a PhD in Creative Writing at the same university. His short stories and flash fiction have been published in the Bridport Prize anthology 2020, Henshaw Three, Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2020, the Keele Anthology, and the Farnham Flash anthologies 2018, 2019 and 2020. Two pieces of his memoir writing were longlisted for the Fish Short Memoir prize 2021, and he has been shortlisted for the Bournemouth Writing Prize 2021 in the short story category.Richard went to school in Poole and studied at Loughborough University as a mature student after spending nearly ten years in the army. He completed his first novel this summer and is hoping to be lucky enough to find a home for it. Meanwhile, he is furiously collecting material for his next novel which will form a part of his PhD.




 Trudie Thomas


Trudie lives in Buckinghamshire with hubby, children and Tibetan Terrier Winifred. She writes in her shed at the bottom of her garden - in true Roald Dahl style.She loves writing fiction; Short stories, Middle Grade, Picture books and Adult novels. She also writes a quarterly article for her village magazine - always titled Trudie Talks To... Where she writes about local residents who have special talents or gifts.Previously, an English teacher she now works as an Extra ( Supporting Artist ). Which gives her plenty of time to read and write in between takes. Her favourite role being a Muggle on Platform 9 3/4.She is part of three writing groups: Green Penn, The Super Six and The A-team and constantly feels wrapped in a hug from their supporting words of wisdom.Trudie also loves curling up in a cafe with a frothy cappuccino, a warm chocolate brownie and a great new book on de-cluttering. Her home remains quite messy!



Jimmy Webb


Jimmy lives in Essex, England, with his wife, two children, and puppy, Clyde. He writes short stories and poetry, but has restarted his first novel after a two year break. Any windows he has are spent writing or learning about writing. Unfortunately, they are not picture windows, they’re usually muntins.

He is fortunate to have work published and forthcoming in Bandit Fiction, Ellipsis Zine, Short-B-Read, Cold Moon Journal, Centifiction, Literally Stories, Henshaw Four and FromOneLine Anthologies, Potato Soup Journal, and Academy of the Heart & Mind

Jimmy can be found at the Twitterverse using @_Jimmy_san_



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