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IThe anthology is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Henshaw-Two-Graham-Jennings-ebook/dp/B07171R3HX/


Rachel Sargeant has reviewed the anthology




Lost in Thought by Nathaniel Mellor by

Crossroads by Barbara Young by

Traveller’s Rest by Lucy Brighton

2The River Children by Penny Rogers

Rugged by Douglas Murdoch

Ego, I by Harriet Avery

Mr Pollock’s Bicycle by Christine Griffin

Beautiful Feet by Sue Mays

4:45am, 4:48am, 4:56am and 4:59am by Warren Green

Second in the Queue by Simon Van der Velde

His Master’s Voice by Jennifer Rowe

Girl Power by Barbara Young

Lead Tears by Anne Walsh Donnelly

Take the Gamble by John Bunting

Here nor There by Jeff Drummond

The Ties That Bind by Gareth Shore

Truth by Esme Hewlett

Journey to the Window by Joanne Shaw

Unfinished House by Anne Walsh Donnelly

The Honey Trap by Jacqui Cooper

Cutting Through by Rachel Sargeant

Situation Vacant by Deborah Came

Helatide by Finn Arlett

Black Cats by Julie Hayman

Writing Home by P J Stephenson

The Last Voyage of Ferrywoman

Katherine Marshall by John Bunting

This Year, Next Year, Sometime, Never by Tara Karillion

Blackcurrant Jelly by Rhodri Diaz

Sitting Pretty by Craig McEwan

A Conversation with Death by A O Ashalley – Anthony

Till Death Do Us Part by Maggie Davies

Wolfsbane by Richard Hooton

The Promise by M D Hall



Author Biographies



Finn Arlett


Being a forensic anthropology graduate, anyone would think Finn Arlett's writing career would guide him down the winding, cryptic path of the mystery thriller. Not so. But then he never was the most linear. When not coasting life on the high adrenaline of online farm simulators he writes historical horror from a small office in Staffordshire, UK. At 22 he penned his first novella between breaks at his former job on the road, and it was a bigger hit than he ever anticipated his little 1922 horror story could be. Now 25 he has gone on to win and host many memorable writing competitions, earning himself a place (twice) amongst Wattpad's Featured Authors and Engagement Ambassadors. Now the lead admin of the site's most followed paranormal sole-genre community page, his work has been promoted alongside major screen movies such as Ouija, The Gallows, Blair Witch and Incarnate, and he has also written launch content for the online story app "Tap". When not writing classic-style literature through the voice of a haunted, imaginary Victorian man by the name of Joseph Redding, Arlett finds time 'dabbling' in classical piano (note the key word here), character artwork, musical composition and travel photography from all over the world. And when not doing THAT, is probably out walking his dog thinking how to be an astronaut.
Anything but being ordinary.



Annabel Ashalley-Anthony


I grew up in Kilburn, London, a mixture of cultures and traditions so diverse, the word on the street was the world. I began writing because I am in love with the words, the potential that they have to create or destroy. To me a word is the most powerful thing in the world, and what is a story but a beautiful composition of words. I graduated from the University of Westminster with a BA in Creative Writing and English Literature. My autobiographical short story: ‘The Children who come and go’ about enduring a life-long disease was published as part of an anthology; Rites of Passage; Right of Womanhood in November 2014. www.chocolateistheonlycure.wordpress.com



Harriet Avery


"Harriet Avery is a young writer, hailing from a windy coastal town in Suffolk. She is currently studying for a Masters in Creative Writing Prose at the University of East Anglia. Her work has been published in various places, including The Red Line, Creative Writing Ink, and Electric Reads. She lives on a diet of pen ink, Shakespeare and hot chocolate, and thoroughly recommends this as a way of life."



Deborah Came


After a career in the public sector, trying very hard to do the right thing and improve people's lives, my husband and I moved to Brittany intent on seizing each day.  I am really enjoying the rediscovery of childhood pleasures: singing songs, being arty, staying up late, reading a lot, and making up stories.  Situation Vacant is my first attempt at the latter.



Maggie Davies


Born a Geordie, Maggie lived in South Africa, Peru and the United States before settling in Kent with her husband and a grumpy rescue cat. Her first short story win, in Girl About Town magazine, was back in the last century while she was working for a charismatic MP at Westminster. More recently she has been shortlisted for Bridport Flash Fiction, the Norwich Writers’ Circle Olga Sinclair Award and a Writers’ Forum competition. She was also commended in Christopher Fielden’s humorous To Hull & Back competition. Primarily, however, Maggie thinks of herself as a novelist. The Invisible Woman was shortlisted (one of fourteen from over a thousand entries) in a Cornerstones’ competition. She has also completed Douglas Dodd’s Women, a contemporary romantic comedy with a dark twist, and is currently fine-tuning a historical novel inspired by London’s Foundling Hospital which was longlisted in the Flash 500 Novel First Chapter competition. Her not-so-secret weapon against rejection is her hawk-eyed and coffee-addicted writing group, who blog as ninevoices.wordpress.com



Rhodri Diaz


Originally hailing from a tiny rural village on the border between Swansea and Carmarthenshire, Rhodri now splits his time between his home in suburban Swansea and his job in central Cardiff. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Swansea University and hopes to return in the near future to study a Master's in Creative Writing. He is a first-language Welsh speaker and is currently working on an alternate history novel set in medieval Wales. 'Blackcurrant Jelly' will be his first published work. In his spare time, he tries in vain to tackle the never-ending pile of books that seem to accumulate around him



Anne Walsh Donnelly


The author of "Lead Tears" and "Unfinished House" lives in the west of Ireland with her two children. When she's not working or mothering she scribbles in the many notebooks littered around her house and then tries to convert her scribbles into short stories and poetry. Her children kindly ensure that she is not disturbed when she's in the "creative zone." Her stories have been published online, in print and broadcast on RTE Radio One. She has been shortlisted in several competitions including the Over the Edge New Writer of the Year Award (2014 and 2016) and the Fish International Short Story Prize (2015). 



Warren Green


Warren is alive and well, living in the Northwest of England. He studied design at Salford University and graduated in 1999. He had no idea he could write until later on in life, when he began to write fiction for both adults and children. He is also an artist who sees writing as an equally and rewarding creative outlet – which can sometimes leave his mind racing when an idea for a story suddenly materialises. He has entered numerous writing competitions over the years including the Bridport Prize. Warren has plenty more short story projects in progress and is currently working on a dark fictional novel. The idea for his story included in this anthology came when Warren was driving home one day. He noticed four identically dressed quadruplets wearing red coats, waiting at a bus stop with their parents. The vivid image stuck in his mind and he knew there was a story waiting to spring out... Warren greatly admires the work of Roald Dahl, J.K.Rowling and Stephen King.



Richard Hooton 


Richard was born and brought up in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. After obtaining an English degree he became a journalist, working for several regional newspapers as a reporter, and currently works as a news editor. He now lives in Mossley, Greater Manchester, and has become more immersed in creative writing. ‘Wolfsbane’ is his first short story competition win and he has since had successes in Writer’s Forum and the Plymouth Writer’s Group International Short Story competition.



Sue Mays


Sue describes herself as a ‘wrinkly writer’, but only on days when her knees are creaking and she’s mislaid her glasses. She takes heart from seeing the increasing number of senior pen-women who top the bestsellers. Born and brought up in The North, i.e. the land of clogs and tripe, she plans sometime to write a misery memoir which isn’t miserable. She also loves modern fairytale, particularly with a feminist twist. Her long career as a family doctor is now history, but provides ample writing material, as does the transport through a wormhole to live in South Wales, where she has been re-materialised as a student at Cardiff Met Uni. Here her Masters in Creative Writing has allowed Sue to dabble in the dark waters of the Gothic, and to discover the biting feminist humour of Jane Austen. Sue has received several commendations in competitions and a number of her stories have now been published. She is currently working on a historical novel set in Georgian North Wales. She often writes seriously about the position of women in society, and also aspects of ageing, but humour is never far away.  She’d like millions of people to read her Blog, Exquisite Retirement https://exquisiteretirement.com 



Craig McEwan


Craig works as a biomedical scientist in Southampton. He also plays punk-rock mandolin for the band Beautiful Life. His fiction has appeared in Quantum Muse and Kzine.


Nathaniel Mellor


Lives in Savannah, Georgia. He works in a deli, and travels the world when his city begins to stifle him. The December 2016 Henshaw Press competition is the first competition he has won, and it features his first published work. Nathaniel likes to keep a blog while he travels, as long as some short stories, which can be found at nathanielmellor.blogspot.com.



Penny Rogers


Penny Rogers writes short stories and flash fiction and has recently written poetry. In 2013 she was short listed for the Bridport Prize for Flash Fiction.She has been published in anthologies including Henshaw Treats (2015), This Little World (2015) and Best of Café Lit 5 (2016). She has also been published in Bare Fiction, Writers’ Forum and South.  Penny lives in Dorset and is a member of Wimborne Writing Group. She is an intermittent blogger and would like more people to follow her blog ‘This Writing Life’ as she is sure this would encourage her to create more entries. https://pennyrogers.wordpress.com/


Rachel Sargeant


My third novel The Perfect Neighbours is published by HarperCollins Killer Reads in December 2017. I grew up in Lincolnshire and, after graduating from Aberystwyth University in German and Librarianship, worked in libraries management in the south east and obtained a Diploma in Management Studies from UWL. Later I spent several years in Germany where I taught English. I recently obtained a Masters in Creative Writing from Lancaster University.My first published novel was Long Time Waiting and I self-published Gallipoli: Year of Love and Duty, based on the diary of my husband’s grandmother, a nurse at Gallipoli. I’m a previous winner of Writing Magazine’s Crime Short Story competition and have been placed or shortlisted in various competitions including the Bristol Short Story Prize. My stories have appeared in My Weekly and the Saucy Shorts series by Accent Press. I live in Gloucestershire with my husband and children. I am book mad and love discovering authors I haven’t read before. www.rachelsargeant.co.uk



Gareth Shore


Gareth is a Manchester-based English author and long-time high school English teacher who hates the dusty idiom: Those who can, do; those who can’t. Teach. He counts author Ray Bradbury among his largest influences, and his self-professed continuing mission is to pass on a love of Bradbury’s work, and of literature in general, to a new audience. Gareth states that “Creative writing has always been my favourite thing to work on with the students” and that he wants to encourage students to “keep exercising that imagination muscle.” Gareth remembers  vividly the day a Primary school teacher read one of his science fiction  stories aloud to his fellow students (his best friend was killed by an alien – he still feels guilty), which sparked his interest early on in writing for an audience. His short story “The Mourner” was turned into an audio production by www.chillingtalesfordarknights.com in 2015 (and can also be listened to on Youtube) and he is currently busy completing a collection of themed short stories. Gareth will go on believing that Those who can, do AND teach. Hopefully!



PJ Stephenson


PJ is a British writer and environmentalist living near Geneva in Switzerland with his wife and Parson Russell Terrier. He sees the Alps every day but misses the Cairngorms. He has had several short stories published, more recent work appearing in Writing Magazine, Writers’ Forum Magazine, Dream Catcher, Flash Fiction Magazine, Short-Story.me, SickLitMagazinedotcom and the summer 2015 anthology Murder in the Sun (Select). Most of PJ’s work is historical fiction and he is currently seeking a publisher for his Second World War anthology about fighter pilots entitled Spitfires: Strength in the Air. Follow him at @Tweeting_Writer.



Simon Van der Velde


I began writing as a law student way back in the 1990’s, and am delighted to say that after twenty years I have finally learned how to do it.  Having now left the legal profession I divide my time between my writing, my business, and my wife and two tyrannical children.

I have recently won The Wasafiri New Writing Prize, 2014, and The Park Publications Prize, 2016.  My work has also been short-listed for numerous awards including; The Writers’ and Artists’ Short Story  Prize, 2016, The Yeovil Literary Prize, 2015, Henshaw Press Creative Writing Competition, 2015, The Luke Bitmead Bursary, 2014, Room to Write Awards, 2014, The Harry Bowling Prize, 2012, and The National Association of Writers’ Groups Open Competition, 2011.


Stories and excerpts have also been published in Wasafiri Magazine and The Crack Magazine amongst others, and recordings have been audio-published and are available on-line at www.ListenUpNorth.com.  Further works may also be read at www.simonvandervelde.com.

Ongoing projects include Second In the Queue, a collection of stories warning against the continued disintegration of society, and The Boy Who Couldn’t Talk, a story for 8-12 year-olds about a boy with speech anxiety and his friendship with a trans-woman.



Barbara Young


Barbara lives in Northumberland and, since she is no longer shackled by the demands of a full time job, spends her time horse-riding, walking with her dogs and indulging a totally unexpected new found passion for writing. Her short stories have found success in competitions and have been published in Writers Forum, Scribble and online.




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