Henshaw Three Anthology


The anthology available from Amazon in paperback: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Henshaw-Three-Mr-Graham-Jennings/dp/1686994656/



Rock ‘n’ Revelation by Melanie Roussel

One Word at a Time by Nellie Crawford

The Surveillance Guy Peter Collins

Eye Spy by J P Seabright

Silver Balloon by Leon Coleman

Tree by by Gordon Aindow

Nothing but a Thread by Lucy Bignall

The Vegetarian Spy by P J Stephenson

The Friendly Red Brick Building by John North

The Cook, the Tart and the Ford Fiesta by Helen Cormack

Forgotten by Sarah Jane Brown

Remembrance by Malcolm Havard

Can’t be Arsed by Helen Fielden

Another Saturday Night by Susan Conrad

Leap by Dianne Gillies

To Everything there is a Season by Helen Parker-Drabble

The Doctor by Sen Jayaprakasam

Rescind and Release by Cynthia Mulligan

Angelica by Katherine Mezzacappa

The Road Not Taken by Ellen Evers

On Camera by Mary Bevan

Deserted by Fay Dickinson

Smile by by Peter Hankins

Quality Time by Dianne Bown-Wilson

Pro Patria Mori by Tom Ross

The Potter’s Field by Richard Johnson

Plan B by by Richard Smith

Holding Things Together by by by Norman Kitching

Old Haunts by Caroline Goldsworthy

Best Friends for Ever byJacqueline Cooper



Author Biographies


Lucy Bignall


Lucy was born in Zambia and grew up in Africa and Saudi Arabia, the fourth of six girls, living in the haunted house of an executed cannibal and playing recorder in the desert. She studied music at the Royal College of Music in London, before emigrating to Australia, where she worked as a freelance violinist for fifteen years.


In 2015 she and her family moved back to England and now live in a hairy house in darkest Buckinghamshire, where Lucy works as a musician and writes. She has had several short stories published in various magazines, including in UnSung Stories, Litro Online, and the Australian Literature review and has won or been placed in several writing competitions. In the last few months, she has won the Writing Without Restrictions section of the Yeovil Literary Prize, first place in Writer's Forum Competition and her YA novel was shortlisted in the Wells Literary Festival Competition.



Helen Cormack


Originally from a small island in Scotland, Helen now lives in Stirling. She currently leads European project in education for adults and delights in meeting with partners from other countries. Writing is an activity fitted around other activities and to date she has had four children’s books published and several entries in anthologies of short stories. An avid reader, she is open to many different forms of literature and enjoys a good story when on holiday or travelling.




Fay Dickinson


I am part English, part Asian and wholly eccentric.  As a young child I decided that I would combine a writing career with playing football for Manchester United, showing that I was able to enter the realms of fantasy at an early age!


I have a degree in English from Lancaster University and my varied employment roles have included Mail With Order Clerk, Quality Manager, Accounts Assistant and Scheduler.

A member of Greenpeace for over thirty years I try to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle (no cars, no flights, still wearing 1980s clothes, etc.) which is also economically sound, so ideal for writers who often earn little from their work.


Writing successes have resulted in prizes for poetry, stories and articles, including a Decibel Award which led to publication in a Penguin anthology, my one-liners have been broadcast on BBC Radio 2 and 4 and my work has appeared in anthologies and magazines, including Mslexia.


I have also accumulated well over 1,600 rejections (still updating the list). As my fellow writers know, you win some, but you lose a lot more.  At least we are all winners in the Henshaw 3 anthology.



Helen Fielden


Helen was brought up in Mid Wales before moving away to live in different places around the UK.  She studied English Literature at Aberystwyth University before going on to work in the publishing world in Oxford (she resembled the original Bridget Jones in more ways than one and once had the pleasure of being involved in a phone-in on Radio 4 with Helen Fielding, where she explained how much fun she has had over the years as a teacher, deceiving her pupils into fully believing she was the actual Helen Fielding!).  After some years in Oxford, a spell of living ‘up North’ and children followed. The lure of Wales was strong and she returned to her motherland. She completed her PGCE and enjoyed many years as a secondary school teacher of English. She now runs a smallholding in Mid Wales with her husband, where she enjoys producing vegetables, tending to a small flock of sheep, hens and various other animals. She began writing two years ago and fits it in between the many jobs that keep her outside for the majority of the time.  She has had a short story published online by Café Aphra and has now had a story included in the Henshaw 3 Anthology. She is looking forward to completing many more stories and maybe a novel.



Katherine Mezzacappa


Katherine Mezzacappa is Irish but now lives in Carrara in Italy, between the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrhenian Sea. As Katie Hutton, her début novel The Gypsy Bride, will be published by Bonnier Zaffre in June 2020, with a sequel to follow in 2021. Like her story ‘Angelica’ in this anthology, most of her fiction is historical, in settings as diverse as eighteenth-century Ireland, rural England in the 1920s or late sixteenth-century Italy.


Katherine’s short fiction has been published by The Copperfield Review, Erotic Review Magazine, Ireland’s Own, Turnpike Magazine, Asymmetry Magazine and in anthologies with Henshaw Press and the Bedford International Writing Competition (2018). She also writes commercial romance for eXtasy Books under the pseudonym Kate Zarrelli.


Katherine is a member of The Historical Writers’ Association, The Irish Writers Centre, The Irish Writers Union, The Historical Novel Society (for which she reviews) and the Romantic Novelists Association. She has a first degree in History of Art (UEA), an M.Litt. in English Literature (Durham) and a Masters in Creative Writing (Canterbury Christ Church).


The Irish Writers Centre awarded Katherine a residency at Cill Rialaig, Co. Kerry in October 2019, to work on the novel Giulia of the Albizzi. She is a reader for the Bedford International Writing Competition (2019) and is on the organising committee of the Historical Novel Society’s 2020 UK Conference.


Katherine is represented by Annette Green Authors’ Agency in the UK.


You can follow Katherine on: https://www.facebook.com/katherinemezzacappafiction/ and on Twitter @katmezzacappa



Melanie Roussel


Melanie grew up Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire - a quiet market town of oddities, like the ruins of a castle and totem pole overlooking the Grand Union Canal. She now lives in North London and works in the television industry. She mostly writes speculative fiction and runs a blog at Melanie Roussel Fiction. She has been published in the Summer 2019 edition of the Scribble magazine. Her short story The Fifth Bird Shattered was shortlisted for Writers Forum magazine issue 213. Melanie is a member of the London Writers Cafe, an amazingly supportive writing group who were the first to hear the story Rock 'n' Revelation.  



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