Proof Reading


Our proof reading Includes:


  • Correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalisation
  • Removing repetition
  • Correcting verb tense
  • Highlighting unclear sentences
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Giving helpful feedback on the above


It does not include:

  • Improving word choice
  • Revising sentences
  • Restructuring text
  • Advice on writing style
  • Paragraph restructure
  • Dialogue formatting


Our proof reading fees are:


Under 2,000 words: £14 with a turn round time of four days.

Over 2,000 words: £12/1000 words - turnaround time would depend upon length and would be agreed beforehand.


Fees payable by PayPal or cheque payable to Hobeck Books at the address on our Competition Page.





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